Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fall Fashion 2009 Bottega Veneta

I love love love Bottega Veneta, the colors cuts and fabrics are GORGEOUS.

Fall Fashion 2009 Prada

Fall Fashion 2009 Miu Miu

Fall Fashion 2009 Philip Lim

Discarded to the Divine

I made a dress out of an old Chinese robe for "Discarded to the Divine" A charity auction for St Vincent de Paul.Here is an article with the photo my friend Ben Hoffman took of the dress.Bemn offered up this photo for auction as well. 

Pitch In

 LANCUP goes out to different neighborhoods every other weekend and cleans up the trash. It is a fun way to get involved. Go to there website to sign up and view photos.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Chic Little Devil Style House

I went to the Chic Little Devil Stylehouse Industry luncheon. I hung out with Jarel , Micha and Rey. To read about what CLDSH does click on the link.Here are some photos.