Sunday, December 21, 2008

Micha Design

Me & Micha

Born in Germany, Micha Kuechenhoff, made her move from Berlin to California 10 years ago and ever since she has been putting her creative mind to good use. After developing a knack for sewing, painting and cooking soaps from a very young age, Micha began to design her signature look: “knots that tie non-traditional and vintage materials into fashion which equate the fresh and original pieces”. Micha’s patient and caring attitude is what makes her designs so detailed and one-of-a-kind. Not only can Micha turn any trinket or charm she finds into a wearable masterpiece, she also keeps a “Go Green” state of mind. Using materials such as recycled fabrics, home decor, and worn fabrics, her designs are hard to forget.. From simple to intricate, each necklace has its own personality and feeling, only adding to the idea that they are “conversational pieces”.Micha was kind enough to give me 2 gorgeous necklaces. Thanks Micha. Check out her website here.

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