Tuesday, April 21, 2009

European Vacation Part 2 Berlin

our neighborhood Mitte

a park

more graffiti
Mattias,Sage, Thom and Mode

Sebastion and Roman
Sage and Ronnie

Our next leg of the trip was Berlin.  Ok ,I think Berlin is my new favorite city. With a great subway system, amazing restaraunts (I didn't even have one sausage),super chic boutiques and hip people, we were in heaven.Everyone is already wearing my favorite pants that I've been wearing since Xmas.Yes the pleated , drop crotch, peg legged fabulous slouch pant. They are wearing every version.I fit right in.
We stayed in Mitte(the center) at our friend Ronnie's apt. Ronnie and Katya(his gorgeous lady) are artists as well. With a show opening in Geneva at Bertrand-Gruner this weekend.Click here to view.
We also hung out with some of the WESC guys, Mattias and Thom who introduced us to the artist Mode who lives in Berlin.He is an awesome artist , check out his website here.
Our last night there I also met Peaches, THE PEACHES. She has lived in Berlin for 8 years. I think her and I will be fast friends. She was super cute and friendly and it took me by surprise that she is a fan. How cool.
We saw much art and history here. It was the best ever. Now if it wasn't cold and grey most of the year we would move there. 

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