Thursday, September 11, 2008

Christian Sirianno

WOW ! Christian's collection was amazing. I think it may be the best show I saw at fashion week. I am very happy to see what he could do with a little money and some help. I was pleasantly surprised.To view his entire collection click here. I  highly suggest it.


[F]Mz Squared said...

OMG! can i just say that the second posted pics i almost died! out of all the collections shown at ny fashion week, his was by far my favorite. I honestly just cannot get enought. :-)

goth1k-ztrang3 said...

i want that u know how much i admire you, and i want too than i love christian sirianno!!!
but, in another theme, i love your participation on project runway, but i think u could do it better.
thanks for your attention!
ps. apologies for my horrible english, but im mexican and im triying to learn your language