Monday, September 8, 2008

Me on the Radio

Hi I will be on indie 103.1 FM again Monday Sept. 15 at 8am. I will be talking about New York Fashion Week with the focus on Project Runway Finale. Wake up and Listen !


Megan said...

Hey Sweet P,

It was wonderful to meet you at fashion week-- you were so gracious and lovely. Don't forget to check out the 3.1 Phillip Lim show online. Truly incredible and no leggings!

Best wishes,

Megan, the girl who seated you during the Badgley Mischka show

Anonymous said...

Hello Sweet P... I'm your fans from Indonesia. I watched you got eliminated today at the rerun of Project Runway, today.

On Indonesia, we have to subscribe a cable TV to be able to watch Project Runway (via channel: Discovery Travel and Living).

I like you very much because, in spite of your tattoos, you're a very sweet woman (ah! just like your name...).

and if only I can listen to that radio from Indonesia, I'll be very happy :)

I wish you good luck!

...kristen... said...

i love the indie morning show...and then when i heard you on it, i loved it even more! i'm so happy your in the blog-o-sphere because once your season of project runway was over, i was like "how the hell am i going to get my sweet p fix now?!"

you rule! :)