Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Filming the A-List Awards

Alison Kelly, Laura Bennett & Sweet P

Here we are at the A-List awards. Watch it June 12 to see what happens. I don't want to spoil it. It airs at 10PM eastern time. If you have Sattelite TV you will get it at 7PM. Check your local listings. It is on Bravo.


Psychomom said...

Hi Sweet P!
I'm a 'David Dust Bunny' who followed his link here and I wanted to say Hi and that I'm a fan who enjoys watching most of the Bravo shows so it was cool to see Holly among the photos. It has been very inspiring getting to watch all the designers and I'll be sure to tune in to the A-list awards, Kathy better make it crazy!
Best wishes and keep sewing!
Clara in Albuquerque

Jimbo said...

Hi Sweet P!

LOVE YOUR BLOG! I'm also someone who found his way here from a link on David's blog. So glad he posted the link, thrilled I clicked it. I'm now a regular and will add a link to your blog on mine. Cheers!

Miss Fruitfly said...

Hello Sweet P!

I also followed you from David's blog. Awesome! I posted a link on my blog and I'm looking forward to checking out you up coming projects.