Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jenny & Mike

The Bridesmaids
Jenny & Mike
Minnie Driver
Jenny & Mike
Dylan & Rachel
Sage & I
Marty in Marriachi wear

Julia & I (freckles)
Jeff Electric

We had another wedding this weekend. This one was my friend Mike Semple and Jenny. I am so happy Mike found Jenny. She is one hell of a catch, gorgeous, talented and sweet. There is so much love happening. I am overjoyed. The wedding took place in Elysian Park right over the hill from our wedding spot. I guess us eastsiders love this park.Oh and Minnie Driver sang a song that she wrote. Wow not only is she a talented actress, beautiful and pregnant, that girl can sing. Her voice was so beautiful it made Julia & I cry.

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Lavon said...

Congrats to your friends and I think Minnie Driver is great!