Saturday, May 17, 2008

Americana at Brand

Valerie and 1/4 of Me
Me and some cute fans
Wow ! I finally went to the Americana. I have been so excited about it. There is an H&M, Barney's Co Op, Anthropologie, Kiehls, J. Crew, a movie theatre, Sur la Table. So exciting. Since Sage is still out of town, my best friend Valerie and I spent a good potion of the day here. First stop was H&M where I picked up afew dresses including a Maramekko print dress. I really really wanted the skirt but they actually sold out while I was in the dressing room. How amazing. I used to love when H&M was only in Europe and I would shop there on a trip, come back , and be the only one with it. Next was Anthropologie where Valerie was lost in the dishes. Outside I met some fans and took some photos with them. We headed off to Barney's Co Op then Keihls and J.crew. I was looking for the basic brown leather flip flop. J.Crew does a nice one. Of course I wore the most uncomfortable shoes so our next stop was Nail Station for a pedicure.

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