Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Idol (part 1)

I was invited by my friend Andy to watch part 1 of Idol with a bunch of handsome men. It was in the most gorgeous house of my new friend Max Mutchnick.He is one of the creators of Will & Grace.Let's just say he is super fabulous. Dinner was amazing and then we all jumped onto the HUGE couch for our screening comfort. I never watch Idol (but I watch JimCantiello's Recap on MTV) so I was routing for the Archadorable one. All the guys were sort of over him but I thought he sang great , had picked better songs and was just toooooo cute. 
Oh and Dino the butler served us coffee and dessert with such grace.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love you Sweet P! I miss seeing you on on TV every week so it's exciting to see that your fans can follow along with your blog.

Lisa said...

Loved your work on PR. I'm looking forward to more designs and sewing inspiration, maybe some tutorials, etc.. here on your blog!